Girlfriends Films Reaches Milestone, Releases 700th Title

Girlfriends Films Reaches Milestone, Releases 700th Title

Melissa Santana

VALENCIA, Calif. — Girlfriends Films today announced the release of its 700th title, “Women Seeking Women 146.”

In a retrospect published online on the official Girlfriends Films blog and in their upcoming monthly newsletter, Girlfriends founder Dan O’Connell gives an overview of his experiences, trials and triumphs through the years.

“From the beginning, I tried to do things differently from the big companies,” O’Connell wrote. “When I was packing and shipping all the mail orders myself, I included a hand-written thank-you with every order.” 

O’Connell reminisced about the creation of the fictional town of Thornhill and the studio’s popular series like “Girls in White,” “Road Queen” and the saga dubbed “the most awarded series in the history of adult movies,” “Women Seeking Women.”

“Nearly all of my movies center around the snooty, old-money town of Thornhill, which give them a sense of continuity and familiarity,” O’Connell added. 

When it comes to the success of the brand, O’Connell gave credit to the fans and everyone behind the scenes including the crew, staff, distributors, customers and “especially our talent.”

“It takes a courageous soul to get nude and have sex for all the world to see,” he said. “Few people have the nerve to do that.“ 

Moose, president of Girlfriends Films, also gave credit to the fans for reaching the unprecedented milestone.

“We are so honored to have some of the best, most loyal fans,” Moose said. “All of us at Girlfriends are thankful for their support. We also want to thank the incredibly talented directors, cast and crew who have worked so hard to reach the milestone of our 700th movie release, and we look forward to many more titles to come.”

For more information, and to read the full article by O’Connell, visit the official Girlfriends Films website.

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