Warm Wins 2018 XBIZ Specialty Product of the Year Award

LOS ANGELES — Warm has announced it wrapped up a successful XBIZ Retreat by winning its first XBIZ Award.

Warm’s namesake product was recognized as the 2018 XBIZ Specialty Product of the Year.

According to a rep, guests of the Warm, Inc. suite were treated to a luxurious branded experience complete with champagne, cupcakes and product demonstrations by co-founder, Janine at the XBIZ Retreat. Buyers got to hear firsthand the inspiration for the products and feel the difference heat makes to toy and lube products.   

“The Retreat was the perfect forum to connect with buyers and share very productive time together going over product features, answering questions and building relationships,” Janine said. “Our products are such a visceral experience; buyers being able to experience that ‘a-ha’ and often ‘OMG!’ moment when you feel the difference heat brings to the sensations of toys and lubricant was a lot of fun.

“Being able to incorporate product training right into the meeting was invaluable,” she added. “Our products are such a simple concept and yet wield a very dramatic result. Feeling what they can do always answers ‘Why Warm?’ perfectly.”

During the Retreat, Janine also revealed Warm’s second product, Touch, an automated dispenser that also warms personal lubricants and oils. Buyers visiting the suite could experience the new product.

“With Touch we wanted to elevate the experience of using lube the way we did with Warm for toys,” Janine concluded. “The product turned out beautiful and is as sexy and unique as our first. Lube is an amazing product! Now, using it is too. Silky, mess-free, integrated into your intimacy and magically delivered with a wave of your hand, wait for it… Warm! Using Touch not only makes your lube irresistible, it’s also deliciously erotic in and of itself to use. I love this product and it was exciting to finally be able to share it.” 

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